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Daniel & Elizabeth Lama-Tshering
Faith Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: March 2000

Biography: Daniel and Elizabeth pastor Faith Church, which meets in their home. This is a normal way of doing church in this region. Over half of their house is devoted to use for services. Basing their ministry out of India, they are also reaching out to the unreached people and tribes of Nepal, Bhutan and the Himalayan Region. It is quite a delight to see their family of three going down the road on their family vehicle - a small motorbike.

Daniel is Esther Shrestha's brother and helped found the Christian school at the Shrestha's main church in Nepal. The joy of the Lord resides with them.

Strengths: Daniel and Elizabeth have pastor's giftings. They have a real heart for the people in their area to know the love of God.

Daniel - March 21
Elizabeth - July 17

Anniversary: February 12

Family: Daniel and Elizabeth have one son, Richmond.

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