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Mike & Gwen Shields
Grace Messengers

Topsham, VT
United States


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2000

Biography: Mike and Gwen studied under Jim Richards at Impact School of Ministry where their lives were changed forever. They spent time in Missouri pastoring, then did some travels in ministry. While living in Florida, Gwen and Mike were working with Solutions Ministries in the Training Seminars. They, along with other teachers, trained students how to move in the gifts of the Spirit, then encouraged them to use what they learned on the beach in Florida.

Gwen tells us, "The ocean is a constant reminder that God's love and power is always coming at us, just as the waves of the ocean always rush toward the beach, whether we pay attention to it or not."

Presently, Grace Messengers Church, Inc., moved back to the St. Louis area where they continue the work of training others to change the way the world sees God.

Strengths: Gwen has teaching and prophetic gifts as well as pastoring and enjoys making music with her husband. Mike is an Evangelist and musician. He also moves in the gifts, especially the prophetic.

Mike - May 1
Gwen - July 2

Anniversary: April 16

Family: Mike and Gwen have five children, Nick, Sandra, Luke, Kasey, and Acadia.

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