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Healing Testimony from Meru, Kenya

by: Ellene Meece

David Remi, son of Margaret Remi, wrote about a healing in their area, "One young person visited our church for the first time three months ago. Her child was born with twisted feet. The doctors designed some boots for the child, but they didn't give her guarantee that the child would be healed. When I finished preaching, I called out all who were sick and diseased for prayer and held the legs of that child and commanded them to be healed. I spoke to the bones and told them to be straightened and strengthened." David reports that today, this nine-month-old child now has straight, strong legs and feet!

Ellene Meece currently serves on the FMIN Leadership Team as the Administrative Assistant, helping the Network to run smoothly. She resides in Meeker, Colorado, USA.



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