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A Miracle of Birth In Kenya!

Reuben and Rose Biwott are Partners in Process in Kenya. They are very close to Bill and Lenah Kilel, the FMIN African Directors.

Reuben sent us this miracle story. "Surely every word that has come through your lips has changed my life, ministry and has affected my surroundings. Since the World Conference in Kenya, the word of God has really become alive in me and my wife, being missionaries and the pastors to Kuria."

Reuben tells the story how Rose went to one of the hospitals in Nakuru to deliver her baby. The doctors told them their baby in the womb was dead. He remembered that "Denise had prophesied over Rose during the meeting with the Bible College students and said that the baby will be filled by Holy Spirit in the mother's womb. I believed the power of resurrection, Christ in us the hope of glory. God encouraged my heart and I refused the deceptions of the devil. Lenah and Bill Kilel took time in thanking God. Then we came against the power of death and we spoke life over the baby and the mother though the doctors had said they are taking her for operation." They spoke life over the baby, along with Kilels, and a baby boy was born alive February 2, 2008.!!!



Wow! What a wonderful miracle! This gave me goose bumps and tears came to my eyes. I'm thanking God for Denise's sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and how those life giving words were in operation long after they were there. Praise God for Bill and Lenah being there and most of all Praise God for HIS faithfulness!
by: Ellene Meece

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