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Choir Sings on World-Wide Television

John and Kokeb Palmer of Hungary tells us how this event came to be, "We received an email then later a phone call telling us that the organizer of the Save the World Awards needed a gospel choir to back up Jermaine Jackson, older brother of Michael Jackson. A bus was sent to pick us up and take us to Austria for rehearsal and the broadcast. The choir learned all 4 songs in English and were off for the grand rehearsal with Ray Crew, music director of the Grammy Awards!"

"The final song was We are the World, We are the Children which was led by Jermaine Jackson. At the end Jermaine left his stage and spontaneously came over to our stage and embraced me, while I spontaneously blessed him. He thanked me for the blessing. The camera man did not catch it, but I think the heavenly camera caught it!"

You can watch part of a song on youtube at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbtwmfjC-Cc or www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xvp6h8UJHSo



What an awesome opportunity to spread God's love to the masses! Good job, Jon and Kokeb! We love you,
by: Dave and Bonnie

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