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News from Davi and Marci Feijoli in Brazil

Davi and Marci sent in this wonderful report on events they held in two locations in Brazil. Davi writes:

"Revival and Divine Healing in Sao Paulo - Brazil

We ministered in the Gospel Church Time of Revival in Sao Paulo, it was such a glorious and awesome night for our lives and for everybody who was there in that service. The word ,which was ministered, emphasizes the name of Jesus Christ, who heals and He is oil of joy. The Lord shook that place. When we called the people that needed healing, a starving crowd came in front and the Lord began healing everybody instantly. Deaf people could hear. People who had problems in their spines were healed. Bones were restored, such awesome miracles happened. Among them there was a young woman that had suffered an accident. Her leg was shorter than the other leg and was deformed 6 cm. That difference was clear when she walks. We saw the Power of the Holy Spirit in action. We prayed and without nobody touched her during the ministration the intercessors saw her leg trembling and returning aligned to its place. The local pastor measured her leg and she verified that was aligned. That young woman was deeply touched and in the end of the meeting she was walking and glorifying God for her healing. There was a teenager that had a serious bone problem verified by the doctors. Her fingers of the feet were atrophying and she would have to wear inner soles and her knees were also affected by this illness. In Jesus' Name by the power of the Holy Spirit that young teenager was healed instantly. She glorified God for her healing. Later, we knew that in the moment of praying her fingers straighten, Glory to God.. A lady had serious problems in her spine, bones, rheumatism and other complications. We knew later that she was living because she was taking morphine daily so as to alleviate the pains. In the moment of the ministration she was immediately healed by Jesus and we knew that she never had the pains again. A young woman that had her tympanums restored, cried a lot and glorified her healing. We knew about a lady that since she was four years old she hadn't smiled. Yet when the Power of God came on her, all the chains were broken and the Lord ministered her heart and she began glorifying God. She laughed and cried in a loud sound together with her family. A revival in which people asked for forgiveness in a loud sound. They were healed instantly. Almost in the end we began speaking that God would lift people in that place who fight in praying for the church. When the musicians began ministering sounds of marching, many people began filling up by the Holy Spirit. They battled prophetically as if they were fighting with swords and prevailing in God. It was such a astonished and unforgettable meeting. We should get ready for the pouring of God, which is coming in these days. The Holy Spirit is pouring on the whole flash right now. Get ready, tune up God has great things for each one of us.


We were ministering in the Gospel Community Christian of Iraja, who pastor is Ari Caetano. We preached that Christ heals. The Lord showed up proclaiming that He is the same yesterday, today and eternally. The Lord healed several people instantly among them. A lady that had problem in the stomach. We knew later that the symptoms disappeared and she was living a normal life. A man who had problem in his shoulders for several years stretch out the arms and we showed the sharp difference in his arms. Without anybody touched him, in Jesus' Name by the power of the Holy Spirit those bones were adjusted and joined, he fell on the ground and when he lifted he was totally restored and free from the pains. Every church glorified the Lord Jesus. Children, young and old people were healed too. It was astounded to see the Lord healing those people. Glory is given to the Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns forever."



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