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Workplace Leaders Network

What is the Workplace Leaders Network?

Workplace Leader Network is made up of people who are positioned by God to be in the workplace or a business environment but are called to also minister to people in those settings or take the Gospel and possibly their ‘working skills’ to other places as a platform to minister and assist the body of Christ.

A Workplace Leader has a ‘higher calling’ to make a difference in the Kingdom of God through his workplace environment and income.

How do Workplace Leaders relate to Faith Ministries International Network?

FMIN has become aware of the need to embrace this growing segment of ‘ministers’ in the workplace into the Network. By adding this ‘arm’ of Partnership, it is our desire to not only facilitate pastors, teachers, evangelists, and apostles in the traditional setting but also to network and facilitate workplace leaders who are also in positions of pastor, teacher, evangelist, and apostle right there in the workplace setting.

FMIN desires to be a platform to blend the two minister types in expanding the Kingdom. For the Workplace Leader, building relationships within this strong organization offers ministry opportunities all over the world and the benefit of encouragement from others in the Network through events, resources and communication. We believe this union brings a wholeness and completeness of the gifts of the Body within our Network.

A Workplace Leader is one who is positioned in the workplace as an employee or owns their own business or is an entrepreneur but has ministry motivated objectives. These are men and women who have been called into ministry but who have also been called to retain ties to the workplace to draw their primary income from it.

How can I become a part of the Workplace Leader Network within FMIN?

The steps to become an official Workplace Leader Partner in FMIN are:

Request and complete an Application/Assessment Form that includes a distinct proclamation of Ministry goals and objectives.

Complete a three month time period to examine compatibility of each others goals and beliefs.

Choose a monthly commitment of financial support to FMIN:

  • Individual Workplace Leaders Network Partner— $50/monthly
  • Corporate Workplace Leaders Network Partner — $100__$150__ $250 or more__/monthly
  • Choose a yearly commitment of either financial or personal involvement in at least one Network project, mission opportunity or event.

To subscribe with your PayPal Payment Account for automatic monthly payments, enter a dollar amount below and click "Subscribe":


Click here to donate your monthly commitment through our online store.

Or you may mail checks to:
Attention: WLN Support
P.O. Box 609
Littleton, CO 80160

How will FMIN interface with the Workplace Leaders Network?

FMIN will interface with the WLN by:

  • Including WLN Partners in our communications: partner mailing list (which includes monthly letters and tapes), a Newsletter twice a year and website privileges to advertise and network online. Upon final acceptance you will receive a package of free books, CD Set and a FMIN Vision Video to enhance your business ministry goals.
  • Providing networking among Partner membership and contacts through conferences, mission trips and training opportunities.
  • Expanding the Kingdom by linking ministry within the workplace!


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