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Participate in a ministry that is ‘out there’ taking the Gospel of Peace to a disillusioned world...in missions, conferences, publications and on the net!
FMIN Mission Opportunites
FMIN receives invitations from all over the world to bring teams to share the Good News of the Gospel! Recently, FMIN teams impacted France and Kenya with preaching the Word, drama, and dance teams. Many people heard the true Gospel and received.

FMIN Conferences and Youth Camps
FMIN is a relational Network, existing to facilitate relationships to fulfill God’s plan on this earth. FMIN Conferences from the US to Europe to Portugal to South Africa are at the heart of this goal! Also, Youth Camps are becoming the biggest attraction in the US and looking to expand into Europe.

FMIN Internet Outreach
FMIN Website is an incredible tool that adds great momentum to our relational efforts and spreading the good news via the Internet. Currently, 97% of FMIN Partners and friends have Internet connections around the world! FMIN Website can be there 24/7 when people cannot.
FMIN Training/Translations
The biggest request from India, Philippines, Japan, Kenya, and countries all over the world is for training materials in their own language. FMIN is undertaking this task now!

Monthly support to FMIN for a minimum of $25 in all four areas will constitute a Four-Star Outreach Friend! Every Four-Star Outreach Friend will receive a FREE GIFT (upon submission of first month $100 with commitment of $100/mo to follow) of Faith, What A Deal by Dave Duell, and Gospel of Peace by Jim Richards.


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